My Story



It was in 1987 when Ginny picked up her first calligraphy pen. After writing her grandmother’s eulogy, she felt the words deserved a more “reverent feel”. That inspiration would eventually result in a life long career for this self-taught artist. After completing her degree at Virginia Commonwealth University, she took that evolving passion and established Elegant Handlettering & Design in Richmond, Va., catering to the wedding industry. Around the same time, the Martha Stewart phenomenon was gaining momentum. When Stewart’s magazine “Weddings” launched in 1995, brides were greatly influenced by her endorsement of hand calligraphy and they began incorporating it into their own weddings.







The Inspiration




Soon, Ginny’s business began to boom, as well as her family. This home based business was a perfect fit after her twin girls were born. Eventually, the business would survive the onset and competition of computerized calligraphy, a merger into a family business, and the recession years. However, the peaks answered the valleys with abundant referrals, humbling accolades, and many memorable business experiences.

The Future


Into The

As life continues to ebb and flow, Ginny now splits her time between Richmond, VA. and Wilmington, NC. This new chapter has brought a new name – Ginny Rogan Designs – still offering pretty letters, but mainly on custom invitations and venue signature boards. While accepting less commission work (i.e., envelope addressing and certificate engrossing) in this new phase, her favorite calligraphy prints are now available for purchase on this website.